The Artist

Naowel Abt
Travel Photographer

A look into the world
With an early childhood exposure to photography, French-born Naowel instinctively captures a look, an emotion, a feeling, an expression, movement, stage of life, or color, with true intuition and intention. Without asking and within just a few hundredths of a second, Naowel captures and presents back to us, the beauty of our human existence through the eyes of the world.
Each photo is as unique; as is the process Naowel takes to capture it. The intense beauty of a landscape, in all its’ strength and greatness. The beauty of the human soul as it sublimates from the people that Naowel meets.
As each intense second in time freezes or the immensity of each moment hangs; Naowel calls on her instincts (and photography skills honed since 21 years of age) to capture and honor each moment.
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