Tree of Life

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“… For all those who draw their strength from a solid anchorage! Go higher, towards your goals and your dreams! …”

This majestic tree comes from the extraordinary temple, Ta Prohm in Angkor, Cambodia, better-known thanks to scenes from the movie ‘Tomb Raider’ …

Brimming with an incredible life force, its presence radiates.

Its foundation, the strength of the trunk intertwines, rising majestically to the heavens. It extends these branches high in the sky to reach the clouds.

Like a sacred totem, this tree brings you a message to fulfill you in your daily life.

It was a challenge, and I am happy to share with you his greatness.


Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia

Cambodia is a country that fascinates me. The temples of Angkor are a marvel and I did not want to leave this place anymore.

When I saw this tree in the middle of the temple when so many people were around. I think about how to magnify him and give him his full power.

Also, how to transcribe what he released through my lens.