The Immensity

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…”Keep your child’s soul and continue to dream of all the wonderful possibilities that await for us”…

Furrowing from village to village to meet local crafts, I discovered the production of rice leaves, cigarettes handmade, the craft of dried fish and incense.

During a stop, I saw this only child, so tiny in the middle of the path of sparkling ocher, traversing the vastness that Cambodian countryside.
Plunging into his eyes, you will see the immensity.




Around Battambang, Cambodia

I believe that to date, it is the country that has left the most human mark.

The genocide that destroyed their country and their families, far from annihilating them, strengthened their love of life.

Even if for them life is very hard, they have dazzling smiles and a huge heart.

There are many children. They follow a study course for half a day. The rest of the time they help their families and work too.

English is important to them because it allows them to have jobs related to tourism.

All my words will never express how much these people touched me.

Cambodia is a pure human wonder.

That day, I was on my scooter, in the middle of dusty roads and earthy rice fields and I took a break to take a few steps.

That little piece of a baby boy was there! In the middle of nowhere and alone!
I took my camera and it increased his curiosity! Plunging into his eyes, I saw the immensity.