Quiet Strength

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“… Get inspired by the quiet strength of the elephant to strive towards its goals … “

Before you lies a vision that transcends mere visual representation: the embodiment of the elephant’s quiet strength. These creatures illustrate a powerful serenity, a calm that speaks of wisdom and perseverance. It is this vital and ancient energy that I seek to capture – a force that inspires and stabilizes, evoking nobility in tranquility and inner strength in harmony.**

I eagerly awaited the moment of this encounter, bathing with the elephants to establish a connection before photographing them on their way back. These precious and magical moments are captured in the three scenes you will discover.

Photography 1:
We follow the elephant and its human companions on their way back. Here, I witness their journey, the powerful silhouette of the animal viewed from behind, its thick skin bearing the joyful marks of the day, a symbol of progressing toward goals achieved with perseverance.

Its master, seated astride the elephant, is a reminder of ancestral traditions, while the one walking beside, viewed from behind, symbolizes the respectful guidance of these guides.

Photography 2:
The elephants, undisturbed, are in front of an old white car from a bygone era that follows them. The contrast between the majesty of the fauna and human evolutions underscores an unexpected harmony, a celebration of how the past and present meet and complement each other, evoking evolution.

Photography 3:
Its master, positioned on its back, seems to merge with the animal, two different beings united by mutual understanding. This scene illustrates the elephant’s subtle quest for its goals, seeking its food which turns out to be a magnificent reward, symbolizing success and well-being achieved through perfect harmony with its environment.

Each of these scenes weaves a story of complicity, contrasts between tradition and modernity, and a connection that goes beyond words, a visual testimony of life shared between man and the noble pachyderm.

Of course, you can acquire “Quiet Force” individually or as a set.





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