Quiet Strength

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“… Get inspired by the quiet strength of the elephant to strive towards its goals … “

The elephant, present and powerful, inspired wisdom.

Impressive and intriguing at the same time, the relationship with these pachyderms remains full of mystery.

I waited for the moment of the meeting forward. Bathing to create a connection with them, wash them in the river or rather getting soaked by them.
Feel confident, but at the same time learn to tame them and make them tame. For me, these moments were precious and magical scenes and these three are inseparable.

They tell a moment of their daily lives, a facet they wanted to share with us.


Kerala – India

This photography is really important to me as I am so impressed and passionate about Elephants.

I went to different places to be able to spend some time with them and learn more about who there are.

This is a few lines about a moment spend with some of them in Asia…

I approach and I take a good kilo of small bananas. Richo (the elephant I’m riding has believed) raises his trunk and opens his mouth. I put six bananas at once in the bottom of his mouth open and I take this opportunity to touch his tongue so soft. I love this contact.

I turn around and laugh, delighted to see his little want to catch alone a banana regiment much too big and heavy for him …

I do not get tired of this wonderful meeting with these pachyderms that have made me dream since my childhood.

I learn to guide them, to bathe with them, to climb bareback on their back to get 300kg of daily ration of bamboo.

I also live this intense moment where I enter the river always believed on his back, to rub it very hard with a brush. It’s a moment of absolute trust between the two of us. Of course, his trainer is never far away.