Quiet Strength

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Kerala – India

This photography is really important to me as I am so impressed and passionate about Elephants.

I went to different places to be able to spend some time with them and learn more about who there are.

This is a few lines about a moment spend with some of them in Asia…

I approach and I take a good kilo of small bananas. Richo (the elephant I’m riding has believed) raises his trunk and opens his mouth. I put six bananas at once in the bottom of his mouth open and I take this opportunity to touch his tongue so soft. I love this contact.

I turn around and laugh, delighted to see his little want to catch alone a banana regiment much too big and heavy for him …

I do not get tired of this wonderful meeting with these pachyderms that have made me dream since my childhood.

I learn to guide them, to bathe with them, to climb bareback on their back to get 300kg of daily ration of bamboo.

I also live this intense moment where I enter the river always believed on his back, to rub it very hard with a brush. It’s a moment of absolute trust between the two of us. Of course, his trainer is never far away.





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