Pure Lines

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…”Once upon a time and over time, we shape our perception, our knowledge and we grow”…

Arbol del Piedra “the stone tree” designed by Salvador Dali, surrounded by admiring mountains.

Listen! The wind glides over her curves built over time.


Siloli Desert, Bolivia

Nominated “favorite” in a contest in which I participated in France…This natural monument is located in the Siloli Desert in Bolivia.

We are here at 4000 meters altitude.
What struck me first was silence. A present and relaxing silence …

Then the purity of the brightness, so intense!

The stone tree is a jewel of nature that has been shaped by the wind over millions of years.

I ran out of oxygen when I was there, at 4000 meters. So for me, for me, having all the symptoms of lack of oxygen and to concentrate on the best way to be able to capture all the detail of the Arbo del Piedra including the landscape, the contrast of color between the sky, the mountains, the snow and the tree of roc was really challenging.