Pure Gold

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…”Create your own life, make your dreams come true”…

The roof of the Royal Palace is drawn on the horizon. The sun plays nicely enhancing the golden colors.
Nature and architecture merge, creating magic reflected into the water, like if gold begins liquid and that we can touch it.


Magic of water reflection – Bangkok

The Royal Palace of Bangkok is a jewel.

There are so many details, so many colors that I wanted to find what could most represent what I felt in this place.

The tourist crowd forced me to look for something that would seem harmless or invisible to them because it was impossible to take a single photograph without having a person on it.

Big challenge … I followed a monk’s gaze that passed in a ray of the sun and I saw him pass next to 2 tiny water bins. Turning my head, I saw the top of a temple tower …

I began to glimpse something …

And there, I managed to frame the top of the tower by capturing its reflection in the water.