Pure Gold

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Before you stands ‘Pure Gold’, a work that transcends mere photography to become a gateway to the imagination. The roof of the Royal Palace of Bangkok is outlined on the horizon, bathed by a sun that plays with golden colors, merging nature and architecture in a magical spectacle. These golden reflections on the water, like gold turned liquid, invite dreaming and contemplation. This place, a jewel of Bangkok, is laden with details and colors that tell a rich and vibrant story of an extraordinary place.

Capturing the essence of this location was a true challenge, especially due to the ever-present crowds. Inspiration came as I watched a monk pass by in a ray of sunlight, a moment of simple yet profound beauty. That’s when my gaze was captured by the top of a palace tower reflecting in two small water basins. In that reflection, I saw something unique, something that no one else seemed to notice. This photograph is the result of that moment, capturing an instant where gold appears liquid and within reach, where every detail invites you to create your own life, to fulfill your dreams.

Dive into this world where green water lilies and liquid gold meet, where reality blends with the dream. Let this photograph inspire you to see beauty as a bridge to creating your own life, to achieving your dearest dreams.


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