After climbing to an altitude of 5500 meters, where I struggled with symptoms of oxygen deprivation for over 24 hours, I was relieved the next day when I descended to 3658 meters.

There, on the Salar de Uyuni, an unexpectedly magical and enchanting spectacle awaited me. The surface was covered with a thin layer of water, transforming the salt flat into an infinite mirror that reflected the sky and everything between heaven and earth.

In this state of fascination, I captured a scene that perfectly illustrates the beauty and complexity of human perspectives.

Each individual on this mirroring expanse creates and interprets their own perspective and plays with the elements like big kids escaping the routine of daily life. These movements, reflected as in a mirror, seem to grasp at the deep message that each person tries to convey. Through my lens, I perceived this perspective, these new directions to be taken by each, approached unconsciously, with candor and joy.

This photograph is not just a capture of a moment; it is an invitation to explore the depths of our own perspective. It urges us to reflect on the directions we take in our lives, often without full awareness of our true desires, our true needs.

This infinity, the vivid colors, and the graceful movements create an atmosphere that invites not just contemplation but a real personal reflection. This journey reminds us that life is a collection of unique paths, and each of us is called to follow our own route, our destiny.

Investing in this work is to invite into your home an energy that reminds us to follow our own path. This photograph, becoming a guide for your personal journey, inspires you at every step of your existence.


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