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…”No matter how big we are, our greatness resides in our mission”…


How to restore the essence of a continent such as Australia?

There are such a special energy and incredible animals.

Anyone who has had the chance to approach and share his time with this unique bird in the world will understand.

The Kookaburra was created to awaken and awaken life on earth in joy. It is small in size, but exudes great energy of joy and peace, bringing by its presence alone the magic of Australia.


The Kookaburra is a sacred bird in Aboriginal culture. Its cry is a kind of characteristic “laugh” and according to the legend, it is said to have created the sun.

It is very rare to come across a Kookaburra near your home and even rarer to be able to see them at home. This one regularly came to spend several hours watching us.  I was used to talking with him. He was like a messenger, a bearer of joy and life.

Why this photograph? I wanted to allow you to discover the message he carries in his eyes.