Journey to the Center of the Earth

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“… Sometimes the situations we live on seem realistic and yet, when you touch, you realize that this is real. So, believe it and enjoy!…”

If like me, you have read and loved Jules Verne, among all his readings there are 2 that have particularly attracted my attention. Around the world in 80 days and Journey to the Center of the Earth.

With a little imagination, helped by this fog, these surrealist and yet real colors could very well have been part of the scenery at Journey to the Center of the Earth.


Gunung Brinchang – Malaysia

When I travel, I avoid to the maximum view photos of the places I go find out because I want to immerse myself to capture what I discovered.

That day, I was far from imagining find me at 2000 meters altitude on the mountain Gunung Brinchang, in thick fog, to trudge under light rain and slippery red clay.
But I quickly forgot these hazards, caught by this surreal forest, enveloped by a thick foam creating a dense and cozy atmosphere.