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A village, 100 children in a school barefoot.

Ride on a cow with them, see them laugh, smile, happy to touch me.

Starting the rickshaw could not leave because the children encircling nicely.


Around Pondicheri – India

That day, I left Mysore to visit a temple.

On the way, at the beginning of a village, I saw 6 schoolchildren near a low wall.
I ask my driver from rickshaw to stop in this village, in the middle of nowhere.

1 hour later, more than a hundred schoolchildren are around me, I tear the pens that I try to give them.

Some parents have arrived to organize the distribution of these pens so that everyone can have one.

Finally, I spent several hours with them, and they made me discover their village, made me climb on a sacred cow with them, take photographs together.
It was great to see them laughing, smiling and constantly asking the questions of What is your name … My name is … Where are you from …?

At the time of departure, my rickshaw could not leave because the children were encircling him.

I take this opportunity to go out one last time my camera because I wanted to capture the candor of their faces and especially their eyes so expressive.