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“… See big !! Become strong! Take a solid anchorage and become the person who has as a leitmotiv, the certainty that in life, everything is possible! …”

Some will recognize immediately the scenery of the avatar movie …

3000 karst rising from the ground to climb high into the sky, waterfalls, and the highest bridge in the natural world, the fog is everywhere making these more mysterious landscapes and fairy.

Although the park Wulingyuan 3000 karst in deep China, is entered in the World Heritage of Unesco, very few tourists venture there.


Zhangjiajie – China

I spent 2 days in this splendid park where it is 3000 karst.

It is a magnificent sight, despite the intense haze that covers this masterpiece.

The barrage of the Chinese language is so important that I followed a young Chinese couple who went there too. Of course, they did not speak English. And for 2 days, we communicated by signs to understand each other.

I discovered on the spot, that the film Avatar was shot there, whereas that is not why I had decided to come to discover this site of breathtaking beauty.