Ancestral Tradition

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Long Neck Village – Baan Tong Luang – Thailand

After a scooter accident in Laos that day, I took over for the first time driving a scooter.
A 30-minute drive to shake, so scared I was to make another fall but going to visit this village of long-necked women was important to me.

These rings shock some and fascinate others, but it’s part of their culture.

I discovered in this village, a depth of intense gaze, a life apart understood or misunderstood by the people.
I spent the day talking to them, understanding their lifestyle, their history, their culture and their beliefs, the pride of being who they are and proud of their craft creations.

I also discovered a peaceful life, smiles, radiant faces, children laughing and a strong presence in the community. So it was natural that a beautiful girl appeared.
I was captivated by her grace, her observant gaze, her spiral necklace that magnified her.

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