Ancestral Tradition

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“… A peaceful life, smile, radiant face, peace, joy … And if all this became reality? How just believe and let the magic work … ” 

The beauty of the world which transcribes the magnificent work of the great architect of the universe.

This photography symbolizes the link between ancestral tradition and our modern ways of life.




Long Neck Village – Baan Tong Luang – Thailand

After a scooter accident in Laos that day, I took over for the first time driving a scooter.
A 30-minute drive to shake, so scared I was to make another fall but going to visit this village of long-necked women was important to me.

These rings shock some and fascinate others, but it’s part of their culture.

I discovered in this village, a depth of intense gaze, a life apart understood or misunderstood by the people.
I spent the day talking to them, understanding their lifestyle, their history, their culture and their beliefs, the pride of being who they are and proud of their craft creations.

I also discovered a peaceful life, smiles, radiant faces, children laughing and a strong presence in the community. So it was natural that a beautiful girl appeared.
I was captivated by her grace, her observant gaze, her spiral necklace that magnified her.