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“… A peaceful life, smile, radiant face, peace, joy … And if all this became reality? How just believe and let the magic work … ” 

In this captivating work, we meet a young girl wearing the traditional rings of the long-necked women. An ancient symbol of beauty, these rings are typically placed between the ages of 5 and 9, inspired by the legend of a dragon whose long neck made it majestic.

At the heart of this unusual and surprising custom, I captured the image of this beautiful child. Dignified in her posture, she looks into the distance, perhaps lost in her thoughts or absorbed in a distant dream. This photograph is not just a portrait; it is a window onto a rich and complex tradition, illustrating how culture shapes identity from an early age.

These rings shock some and fascinate others, but they are an integral part of their culture. In this village, I discovered a depth of intense gazes, a life apart, understood or misunderstood by people. I spent the day talking to them, understanding their way of life, their history, their culture, and their beliefs, proud of who they are.

I also discovered a peaceful life, smiles, radiant faces, children laughing, and a strong presence in the community.

Three years ago, I returned to the same village hoping to meet her again. However, the global situation had forced her mother and herself to leave their home. This absence underscores the ephemeral and precious nature of traditions and moments captured in time.

Dignity and daydreaming intertwine here, inviting everyone to reflect on the beauty and traditions that transcend generations. This young girl, with her grace and presence, embodies the pride of a people and the beauty of a custom that defies time and the changes of the modern world.

This work is a celebration of history, culture, and personal identity, capturing a unique, rare, and precious moment.

The beauty of the world which transcribes the magnificent work of the great architect of the universe.

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