Naowel Abt – A look into the world

Historically, Naowel Abt native from France, spent hours in travel ray vibrate in front of all these distant countries names and look at the pictures of other cultures, to capture looks, lifestyles.

This has made it grow in the desire to explore its incredible continents and extraordinary cultures because she knew that the world had much to offer!

Already traveling since the age of 21, Naowel Abt continued to dream in front of these three magic words “WORLD TOUR”.

And that is lonely tourmondiste she made the leap from dream to reality 15 years later.

8 months of adventures not always easy.

8 months of traveling, 8 months of enchantment, 8 months of unreleased surprises, 8 months that forever changed his look to the world.

Photography is revealed to her and she instinctively captures the intense second time or freezes and hangs it or the immensity of the moment. That the beauty of the human soul by sublimating the people she meets. The intense beauty of a landscape, its strength, its greatness.

Each of his photos is unique. Only a decision without asking, just a few hundredths of a second to capture a look, an emotion, a feeling, expression, movement, stage of life, colors.

With a library of over 30 000 photos and months of work, she presents her vision of beauty of the human soul and his eyes to the world.

Each photograph offers a meeting. A little of their history, their daily life, emotion, indescribable joy, a discovery, an exchange.

Naowel Abt dedicates his photographic work.